Tuscola County, Michigan

Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals is available to any resident who has concerns about any particular clause in the ordinance or variances that may be requested by a resident.
Call for further information

Christina Martens- (989) 675-7616
Linda Sattler - (989)-674-2360- Chairman

​Joyce Bohn, Katie Sattelberg, Bob Hamilton, Ethan Gainsforth

The Zoning Board and the Planning Commission for Akron Township is a single committee staffed by eight township residents. This board is made up of members who have an interest and concern for the long-term health of Akron Township.

This board worked diligently to develop a master plan for the township in 2002. Akron Township has been a zoned community since the 1970s. Several modifications have been made to the Akron Township zoning ordinance through the years. A major modification and update was made in 2009. Each year zoning ordinances are reviewed and any necessary minor modifications are made to make sure that it is current and serviceable to all residents of Akron Township.

The zoning administrator is responsible for issuing permits to any resident doing any building, remodeling or significant improvement to their property and making sure that these projects fit within the constraints of the zoning ordinance. Click here for a listing of the Fee Schedule for specific permits, applications, and meetings

The goal of the master plan and the zoning ordinance is to keep the township roadmap organized for its use of land resources. In turn, this provides comfort and understanding for township residents. "To obtain a copy of our most recent Zoning Ordinance, click here.

Zoning Board and the Planning Commission for Akron Township

Christina Martens - Zoning Administrator | Phone: 989-675-7616 | Email:zoning@akrontwp.com

Paul Treiber - President - ptreiber@airadv.net

Kurt Ewald - Secretary

Katie Sattelberg- Akron Twp. Board Rep

Mark Jacoby, Dave Bohn, Joyce Bohn