Waste & Recycling

Akron Township has contracted Emterra Environmental USA to provide curbside garbage and recycling pick-up to all residents of Akron Township.

Garbage and recycle pickup weekly basis. Click on the link to see Emterra website for more information on trash and recycle pickup.

Recycle tubs are provided to area residents to encourage recycling.

Emterra Customer Service 1-877-609-6753
Large appliance pick-up with prior notice to Emterra Environmental USA at (989)-658-2594.

Every residence located north Bay Park Rd. and north of M-25 from the Coal Mine Corner to Unionville is picked up on Mondays and everything south of that line is picked up on Tuesday's. Because of our residents' excellent track record for the care they take in placing their garbage and recycling at the curbside we traditionally have received a very cost-effective rate from waste management.

Emterra Environmental USA curb-side recycling service includes:

Plastic Bottles w/o caps
Cereal Boxes
Clear glass bottles & jars w/o lids and labels
Tin cans w/o lids, labels & bottoms

Items that are not acceptable for curbside pickup are…

Paint cans
Chemical containers
ANY medical related waste
Light bulbs (including CFL’s)
ANY hazardous materials
Cooking/Motor oils

The following items can be taken to the Tuscola County Recycling Center at 1123 Mertz Rd., Caro. 989-672-1673.

Tires for small fee- no more than seven
Motor oil
Electronics**: Computer & stereo equipment, TV’s, microwaves, VCR/DVD players, etc.
Clothing of linens & drapes
Rubber covered cords (extension cords)
Vinyl siding without wood or nails
Ink & LaserJet cartridges
Batteries: Rechargeable, home & car batteries

Akron Township encourages you to recycle. It is an easy method to reduce the amount of solid waste that is buried in the landfills and at the same time save natural resources and energy. Thank you in advance for considering to recycle for a cleaner environment for tomorrow.

Emterra Environmental USA
4151 S Mcmillan Rd.
Bad Axe, MI 48413
(989) 658-2594

*Different specifications than curbside
**Proof of residency within Tuscola Co. required

Tuscola County, Michigan