Tuscola County, Michigan

Presidential Primary Election will be

February 27, 2024

7:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Clerk hours are by Appointment. If you need an AV Ballot, please call or text Jamie Schuette, at 989-674-2334 to schedule an appointment.

Election Commission Meeting
will be held Thursday, January 18 at -6:30 PM
At 4280 W Bay City Forestville Rd, Unionville.

will be held on February 1 at 4:00 PM at the Akron Township Hall
click here for the flyer

The clerk will have office hours the weekend before the election they are as follows:

February 24, 2024  7:00 AM -3:00 PM


Presidential Primary Election

February 27, 2024

7:00 AM - 8:00 PM

On February 27th, 2024 Akron Township will have a Presidential Primary Election.

Akron Township residents will see a few changes since the implementation of proposal 22-2.

You can still cast your ballot by absentee ballot. If you would like an absentee ballot please get in touch with Akron Township Clerk, Jamie Schuette, by calling or texting 989-674-2334.

Proposal 22-2 allows residents to vote in person 9 days before the election. Akron Township, Columbia Township, Fairgrove Township, and Gilford Township joined together for 9-day early voting. In-person voting from Saturday 17, 2024 through Sunday, February 25th, 2024 will be held at Fairgrove Township Hall located at 5002 Center St, Fairgrove. Hours for the early voting are 8:00 AM- 4:00 PM. Click here for flyer

ON ELECTION DAY FEBRUARY 27, 2024 Akron Township residents will cast their votes at the Akron Township Hall 4280 W Bay City Forestville Rd, Unionville.


The Akron Township Clerk is responsible for maintaining all township records.  She keeps the township book of oaths, minutes for meetings, cemetery records and deeds. 

She maintains the general ledger, accepts all township invoices, prepares checks for payables and prepares all township payroll checks.  She prepares tax documents for the township and for payroll.

Elections in Akron Township are conducted by the township clerk. She manages voter registrations, chairs the election commission, determines election employee compensation, handles recounts, and conducts recall elections.  She attends annual and sometimes more frequent training sessions to keep current on election policies, procedures and equipment. The clerk also enlists the help of efficient election workers to conduct the elections professionally and methodically.  Akron Township has one precinct at the township hall. Primary, general and special elections are all held at the site. Normal voting hours are from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m..
Absentee ballots are available by contacting the clerk, anyone wishing to vote must register with the clerk 90 days prior to any election.
In addition, the Akron Township Clerk maintains all financial books and prepares payroll and tax documents for the Akron-Columbia-Wisner Ambulance volunteer personnel. 

Jamie Schuette