‚ÄčTuscola County, Michigan

Village of Akron Fire Department

Telephone: 989.691.5540

The Mission of the Akron Fire Department is to serve the community by responding to all reported fires and emergencies, both residential and commercial, as requested, and to provide mutual aid to the surrounding communities in accordance with established policies. We strive to limit the loss of life and property to the best of our ability and available resources and to discharge our duties in a professional and dedicated manner.


Ambulance/Fire/Police Emergency
Call 911

Fire Non-Emergency 989-691-5540
Police Non-Emergency  989-691-5745
DPW, 4295 North St. 989-691-5721

Akron Village Hall

4380 Beach St
Akron, MI 48701



The ACW-Unionville Fire Department retains nineteen voluntary firefighters and two auxillary members on their roster. The organization includes the Townships of Akron, Columbia, and Wisner along with the Village of Unionville. It covers all  sections of Columbia Township. ACW-Unionville Fire Dept. Board is made up of two members from each entity and meets quarterly at the Unionville Municipal Building, at 6454 Merry St., Unionville, Michigan. 

ACW Fire Authority Board Meetings

Meeting  start at 6:00 PM and are held at

Columbia Township Library Hall

June 6, 2024 

August 1, 2024

October 3, 2024

December 5, 2024

February 6, 2025


ACW-Unionville Fire Department Website

The ACW ambulance established in 1977 is a cooperative effort between Akron, Columbia, and Wisner townships. The ambulance is housed at the ACW Ambulance Service Building located at 6350 Center Street, Unionville, and is staffed by local resident volunteers consisting of 13 Emergency Medical Technicians and five Medical First Responders. The ACW Ambulance Board consists of two representatives from each township board of the three entities.


The ACW Ambulance Board will meet on the dates and times that follow:

Meetings are held at Columbia Township Library Hall

DATE                                                TIME

Tuesday, May 21, 2024                        5:00 pm

Tuesday, July 16, 2024                        5:00 pm

Tuesday, September 17, 2024             5:00 pm

Tuesday, November 19, 2024              5:00 pm

Tuesday, January 21, 2025                  5:00 pm

Tuesday, March 18, 2025 Reg Mtg & Budget       5:00 pm

Current Ambulance Board Members

Jamie Schuette
Deana Jacoby

Christina Parmenter
Christine Kolar (secretary)

Pam Shook (Chairperson)

 Brad Barnes


Ambulance/Fire/Police Emergency
Call 911

Fire Non-Emergency 989-674-2491
Police Non-Emergency 989-674-2244

Unionville Village Hall

6454 Merry St.

Unionville, MI 48767