Akron and Wisner Townships are the only two townships in Tuscola County that share frontage on Saginaw Bay, with Akron laying claim to about ten miles of shoreline. Most of the frontage is comprised of property owned by the State of Michigan, which is in the Fish Point Wildlife area. The rest of the shore is under private ownership or is made up of platted subdivisions.

There are four shoreline communities located in the township on or near the shoreline.

Bay Park is on the north end of Vassar Road. Bay Park is a subdivision comprised of permanent residences and seasonal cottages that date back to the turn of the century.

Sunset Bay is located at the west end of Loomis Road. This community is comprised of both year round residences, seasonal cottages, and a private marina of the same name.

Thomas Fisheries Subdivision is located at the north end of Thomas Road and once boasted as being the largest commercial fishery operating on Saginaw Bay. Like the other two subdivisions it is made up of both permanent and seasonal dwellings. It also has a private marina, which is still owned and operated by the Thomas family since it was established in 1908.

The last plat lies at the north end of Ringle Road and is Fish Point Resort. Like the other plats in Akron Township Fish Pointe is a turn of the century resort that catered to the sportsmen and also was the home of the Miller Bros. Fishery. Fish Point is nestled between the shore of Saginaw Bay and the Fish Point Wildlife Refuge. It is home to Fish Point Lodge and a marina and services hunters, fisherman and bird watchers who visit the area

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