Tuscola County, Michigan

Akron Township updated the Board Members' email addresses.  All Board Members emails end with @akrontwp.com

To avoid spam or schemes

When responding to any email from an Akron Township Board member.


We will NOT email asking for personal information or ask for Credit Card/ Bank information. 

Look at the email and make sure the email ends in @akrontwp.com

If you are in doubt, please call the Board member to verify that they are truly asking for information.

Akron Township has representatives on the following Committees.  Please see the Calendar for upcoming meeting dates for these boards.

​Planning Commision : Katie Sattelberg

ACW Ambulance: Jamie Schuette - Steve Linzner

​Akron Fire Board: Deana Jacoby - Katie Sattelberg

​ACW - Unionville Fire Board: Steve Linzner and Carrie Hines

​Zoning Administrator: Christina Martens