‚ÄčTuscola County, Michigan

Roads in Akron Township are among the best in Tuscola County. Resident commitment to good roads along with supervisor planning and supervision by the township board produce a well-maintained system of blacktop and gravel roads. MDOT services the state highways, M-25, M- 24 and M-138. There are several county primary roads which include Vassar, Ringle, Bay Park and Dickerson Roads that cross the township in key areas. All other roads are maintained primarily by support of township residents.

Each Spring, the township board reviews the road history of past maintenance and compares it with the conditions of the roads. Based on these findings, roads are selected based on available funds to be restored, resurfaced and newly blacktopped. Based on traffic patterns roads that are selected for blacktopping are subject to a 2 to 3 year process of surveying, base building, and finally new blacktop installation. These roads are selected on the basis of roads that have the highest use based on traffic counts requested by the township board.

It is also a goal to create both east and west and north south thoroughfares that are spaced equally through the township with relation to the state highways and county primary roads. While significant increases in blacktop roads have been made and will continue to be made, it is always the focus of the board to maintain all roads. There is a deep commitment to annual grading, gravel patch stockpiles, dust control, roadside mowing and line painting that keep roads safe and functional for all users.