The Akron Township Assessing Department

is responsible for the establishment of fair, accurate and equitable property assessments for both residents and businesses of the township. The Assessing Department is also responsible for preparing the Assessment Rolls and Tax Rolls of the Townships for all property classes subject to taxation. The true cash value and taxable status of all taxable properties are determined by the Asssessing Department. The constitution of the State of Michigan alongside state statutes require that the assessed values placed upon the assessment roll shall be at fifty percent (50%) of true cash or market value. Assessment and Tax Rolls are based on the property status as of Dec. 31 (Tax Day) of the previous year.

Nathan Hager

7469 Clifford Rd.

Marlette, MI 48453


Taxpayer Access to the Office of the Township Assessor  Akron Township, Tuscola County

A. Inquiries and questions may be directed to the township assessor, Nathan D. Hager directly at 810 614 8487 or  Akron Township does not hold regular office hours.  The Assessor works out of his home.   

B.  Every effort will be made to respond to all inquiries within 5 business days. 

C. Any taxpayer who wishes to meet with the assessor in person can request a meeting by phone or email with the assessor or by making such request to any member of the township board.   

D. A request for documents or records from the assessor’s office should be made by phone or email to the assessor and the documents will be produced and returned by electronic mail within 5 business days.   

E. The assessor is always available to discuss property records, methods, and property values.  A request to discuss a possible value dispute or other dispute should be made by telephone or electronic mail to the assessor and every effort will be made to meet with the taxpayer prior to the March Board of Review.   

 2024 Assessing Information

Click on the link to view the following 2024 Assessing Information.

AG ECF                                            Fish Point ECF                               Thomas Park ECF

Bay Park ECF                                   Industrial ECF                               Township Resident ECF

Commercial ECF                              Sunset Bay/Cenzer ECF                Village ECF         

Paradise Lane ECF                          Land Value Study                             Taxpayer Access

Tuscola County, Michigan